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April 21, 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

 The Lord has been raised! It is true!

Luke 24:35

 We are an Easter People, people of the Risen Lord!


This message is the crux of our Catholic faith for the Easter event is the greatest moment of our faith life. It is both a communal and personal celebration for each of us.

 As a community we take root in the resurrected Lord. The suffering and death of the Lord resulted in the expiation of our sins, but it is the resurrection of the Lord, which gained for us eternal life. We give thanks not only for a Lord who died for our sins, but also for a Lord who rose to new life. His act foretells our own death to evil and rising to new life. In Baptism we died to original sin and rose to our Christian life. At the end of our earthly time we will die only to live forever with the Lord.

 As individuals, each of us celebrates Easter when we rise again from the trials and failures of our past and start anew for the future. Lent was a time to purify ourselves to live now in the joy of Easter. Every time we face failure and rise above it, we relive the Easter event.

 Easter is the time to be happy, to celebrate, to live as new creations. May this spirit prevail not only for the Easter season but throughout our lives.

 This week our school community is praying for all of our school families, the parishioners of ABVM and St. Denis, Pope Francis, Mr. Joseph Clancy, Jayne Dahm, Melissa Speck, John Deenis, Helen Viggiano, Michelle Shonleber, Keira Oliver, Mrs. Ray’s dad, the McGonigle Family, the Murtaugh family, Anne Carney, Frank Baker, Conall Harvey, Joe Doyle, Nina Krautzel, George Light, Father Kevin’s nephew, Miss Adamo’s niece, Doug Nichols, Meredith DiFilippo, Msgr. Trinity, Linda Spina Mrs. Gravelle’s Grandmother, who went to heaven, and for all those in need.

Thank you to all of our families who participated in our Lenten service project. We are grateful to you for the sacrifice you made to help your child to help those in need.

 We appreciate the time you give to saving the General Mills Box Tops. The program helps to support the school.

Congratulations to Michael Thomson who received an Annual Alumni Tuition Grant from Archbishop Carroll High School. We are proud of Michael and his accomplishments.

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