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January 13, 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

 You must esteem the person of every man.

1 Peter 2:17

 This month we celebrate the importance of new life and the significance of each life. On Friday, January 27, many throughout our nation will gather to honor all life as precious. From conception until natural death we believe that each life is a gift from God. Our prayer during this annual March for Life is that all generations will revere life for what it truly is – a miracle from God.

 This week we celebrate the significance of one’s possibilities in life. We honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose life vastly changed our nation’s respect for the value of life. His life helped us to recognize that civic, economic, and educational opportunities must be available to all people.

 Perhaps this week we can give thanks for the goodness of life that surrounds us and makes us the people we are and reflect on how our life is making a difference for others.

 This week our school community is praying for all of our school families, the parishioners of ABVM and St. Denis, Pope Francis, Mr. Joseph Clancy, Jayne Dahm, Melissa Speck, John Deenis, Helen Viggiano, Michelle Shonleber, Will O’Reilly, Keira Oliver, Mrs. Ray’s dad, Sam McGonigle, the Murtaugh family, Anna Diehl (Mrs. Whalen’s grandmother), Anne Carney (Mrs. Bongiovani’s mom), Frank Baker (Mrs. Baker’s father-in-law), Delia DiBattista and for all those in need.

 Congratulations to our fifth grade students on the fine job they did in presenting their State Fair Projects  The students and the projects were great!

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