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Cardinal Foley School Mission Statement and Beliefs
September 23, 2016

Dear Families,

Come, you blessed ones – for I was hungry, thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick, imprisoned, and you ministered to me.

Matthew 25: 35-40

 Today Cardinal John Foley School celebrated Mercy Day. We began the day with a prayer service in the gym, followed by a short video of the life of Catherine McAuley, a talk by Sister Anne Provost, the director of Mercy Ministers in North Philadelphia, and a collection from our families of items for those who benefit from the work at Mercy Ministers.

 Catherine’s life was dedicated to the poor and marginalized. In 1827 she built the House of Mercy on Baggott Street in Dublin, Ireland. It was a home for working girls and orphans and a school for poor children. After she founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831 she and her two companions worked to improve life for the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the sick and the imprisoned.

 In 1861, The Sisters of Mercy came to Philadelphia. In 1924 they came to St. Denis School and in 1938 to Annunciation School to staff both parish schools. The foundation of Cardinal Foley is strong in the mercy tradition thanks to the work that the sisters, the pastors and the parishioners have done to cultivate this charism and to continue the work of Catherine.  As members of our parishes and our school community, we have entered into a special relationship with Catherine and her works of mercy.

 As the year of Mercy comes to an end in November, this opportunity gives us a reason and time to reflect on the challenge to carry out her legacy. How do our lives reflect this charism of mercy?

 This week our school community is praying for all of our school families, the parishioners of ABVM and St. Denis, Pope Francis, Mr. Joseph Clancy, Ann Clark, Jayne Dahm, John Deenis, the Conway Family, whose grandfather, Paul Conway, went to heaven, and for all those in need.  

 Congratulations to Mrs. Healy who became a grandmother twice this week.  Haley Coughlin Breish was born on Sunday and weighed in at 8lbs. 12 oz. and 21.5 inches.  Georgia Ryan Haines was born today and weighed in at  8lbs. 5ozs.and 21inches.




Uniforms and Shoes

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