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December 12, 2014

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have reflected the past two weeks on the words abundance and light. Many gifts and lots of light remind us of the goodness and care God has for us. During this coming week we will hear in the gospel readings Mary’s story of saying “yes” to God’s plan, even when she did not know what the plan was. Why does someone say “yes” to a call when they do not even know what the “yes” entails? Love – plain and simple love.

 Have you ever said “yes” to something someone asked you to do and you were not really sure why, but knew in your heart that “yes” was the right answer? Do you think that is what Mary was thinking? Who benefited from that “yes”? Because of her unselfishness and willingness to be a part of God’s plan, we have been given the gift of love.

 During this week be aware of how many times you say, “yes” and if you can, reflect on why you said, “yes”, and who benefited from your response. As our Advent journey continues, may the love you extend to others deepen your spirit of gratitude.

This week our school community is praying for Matthew Anzideo, Mrs. Walters, Cullen Keffer, the Coon family, Paige O’Hara, Chris Reynolds, Alice Rodgers, Valerie Dati, and for all those in need.

 Congratulations to the Cataldo family who welcomed Patrick Nicholas on 11/13/2014. Patrick  weighed 7 lbs 4 oz. 20 1/4 inches.

Thank you for supporting McDonald’s night and the Campbell Soup Labels for Education Program.  Our school received a check in the amount of $625 for Mc Donald’s night and $675 in Visa gift cards from Campbell Soup Labels for Education. Your support of these programs is very much appreciated.

 Goodbye and thank you to Mrs. Miller for her dedication and commitment to our students and families at Cardinal Foley.  We wish Mr. and Mrs. Miller all the best.

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