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March 20, 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian,

“Slow Me Down Lord”

Author: Wilfred A. Peterson

The first four words of this poem remind us of the importance of stepping back and slowing down in life. The poem is especially appropriate during the season of Lent. Are we not challenged daily to find more than twenty-four hours each day to accomplish the many tasks and activities in which our children and we are engaged? Don’t conversations often become a recitation of the litany of “to dos” which await us as we hurry off to the next event? We are all busy people. We are all busy about good and important things. So then, what do we do?

During this Lenten season have we given ourselves the opportunity to be quiet and to reflect? During this quiet time have we heard something we did not expect? Has the time alone provided an opportunity for transformation?

There is still time to —slow down, listen, reflect and change!

This week our school community is praying for Matthew Anzideo, Mrs. Walters, Cullen Keffer, the Coon family, Alice Rodgers, Valerie Dati, Dr. Mendez, Monsignor Trinity, Richard Gatewood, Conall Harvey, and for all those in need.


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