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Cardinal Foley School Mission Statement and Beliefs
 May 20, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,

 “Today’s world needs women and men

who are filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Pope Francis


Last Sunday we celebrated the Feast of Pentecost. This feast is the second greatest feast of the liturgical year after Easter. On Pentecost we recall the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and disciples following the Lord’s ascension and the beginning of the Church.

 Pentecost is also a reminder of our Confirmation when each of us came to full membership in the faith. The Holy Spirit came to strengthen within us the gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and awe and wonder of the Lord. These gifts support us as we navigate life doing the Lord’s will.

 The Spirit lives in us and is our guide. This week pay special attention to the Spirit leading and guiding you as you navigate the week and recognize His presence. We are all filled with the Holy Spirit – don’t let the Spirit’s guidance go to waste!

 This week our school community is praying for all of our school families and parishioners, Pope Francis, Mrs. Walters, Mr. Clancy, Conall Harvey, Mrs. Reavey’s dad, Mrs. Beaver, Mr. Rymal, Brigid Squilla, Betsy Plowman, Maureen Howe, Mrs. Gallagher’s Mom, Maxx DiVario, Mrs. MacCrory’s Dad, Ellen Soltys, Michelle Shonleber, Dylan DeVries, Deacon Jack Schlegel, Gilda Fulginitti, Donna Conlin, Kelly Brodnik, Father John Denney, OSA, Dana Brennan, Dorothy Waeltz, George Milliken, Jane Dougherty, Layla Beecham, Barbara Messer, Mary Kane, two special intentions, and for all those in need.

Congratulations to Ms. Lusskin, our school band director, and the band on placing in the top 10% of the bands who performed at the Villanova Band Festival in April. The school was presented a trophy at the Spring Concert in recognition of this accomplishment

 Thank you to our parents and parishioners who gave of their time and talent to offer elective programs to our students this year. We are grateful to Mrs. Cloran, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Leonard. 


Dress Code and Uniform Information

School Uniforms can be purchased at Flynn and O’Hara located in Lawrence Park Shopping Center

Gym Uniforms can be purchased at C & M  Sporting Goods in Manoa Shopping Center