Cardinal Foley is a newly formed regional Catholic school opening its doors to residents in the Havertown area of Delaware County. Registration is open to 3 year olds, 4 year olds and grades K-8. In a faith-filled environment.

Cardinal Foley Offers:
• A challenging and relevant 21st century academic curriculum.
• Math, honors math, language arts, social studies, Spanish, LabLearner Science, integrated technology, religion, art, music and physical education.
• Staffed with state certified teachers.
• Its own resource teacher to meet the individual needs of students, both remedially and the gifted.
• Services from the Delaware County Intermediate Unit.
• The Investigator Club Pre-Kindergarten curriculum.
• A comprehensive program, which is guided by the developmental expectations of the four year old and is inquiry-based.

Mission: Cardinal John Foley Regional Catholic School is committed to the education of the whole child integrating the teachings of Jesus through everyday life enriched by sacraments and virtues. As a community of lifelong learners, we are committed to providing a challenging curriculum program by developing skills for the 21st century and service opportunities supported by parental involvement and by living our core values of: Faith, Mercy, Integrity, Cooperation, and Respect.