Scope and Sequence

In 1989 the National Council for the Social Studies Task Force on Scope and Sequence identified the scope and sequence common in many school districts throughout the United States. The scope and sequence reflects an “expanding environments” approach to social studies. The Elementary Social Studies Curriculum Committee used the NCSS Scope and Sequence as the basis for its own pattern. To that end the following Scope and Sequence forms the Elementary Social Studies Curriculum. Kindergarten Awareness of Self in a Social Setting

(Early Childhood Guidelines)

Grade 1

The Individual in Primary and Social Groups – Understanding School and Family Life

Grade 2

Meeting Basic Needs in Nearby Social Groups – The Neighborhood

Grade 3

Sharing Earth and Space with Others – TheCommunity

Grade 4

Interdisciplinary Study of the Local Region – Pennsylvania

Grade 5

The Western Hemisphere – The United States and Its Close Neighbors

Grade 6

The Eastern Hemisphere – Representative World Regions

Grade 7

Building a Strong and Free Nation: BC-1853 The United States (Early American Civilizations through Manifest Destiny)

Grade 8

Building a Strong and Free Nation: 1850-1960 The United States (Road to the Civil War to the New Frontier)