This is the updated curriculum guide developed in 2003 by the Art Curriculum Committee for use in the parish elementary schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. It should be used by art teachers as well as classroom teachers responsible for teaching art.


The objective for these guidelines is to introduce and develop art skills while incorporating the elements of art and principles of design. It is suggested that this be achieved by familiarizing students with artists and art history. Our mission is to build an appreciation of art, teach skills, encourage confidence and creativity in producing art, and prepare students for high school art classes. While these guidelines are specific for grade skills, each teacher has the flexibility to build a program that he/she feels comfortable presenting. Unique interpretation on the part of the teacher will enhance the child’s art experience. These guidelines consist of grade skills, rubric, timeline and explanation of periods and suggested artist list and glossary. Each section has been carefully designed and reviewed to aid the teacher in allowing the individual child to appreciate and express art.