Mercy Ministers Program

A strong ethic of service shapes the spirit of Cardinal Foley School and is woven into the curriculum from Pre-K to 8th grade. At the 7th and 8th grade level is the Mercy Minister Program. Our older students voluntarily serve the greater community by visiting or tutoring off campus or with service here at school. Outreach sites such as Mercy Neighborhood Ministries and Grace Court host monthly visits for students who choose to tutor younger students and interact with the elderly. In school we have students who prefer to lend a hand as office aides, kindergarten aides, technology aides, science lab aides, principal aides or members of the recycling team or tutoring their peers. A dedicated group of officers and group captains give their energy and assistance in maintaining the program throughout the school year.

Mercy Minister Officers and Captains take pride each November in collaborating with the Student Council to promote and organize the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Both teams enjoy packing and delivering the completed baskets to Project HOME in Philadelphia, where they are given to deserving families to brighten their holiday celebration.

In December, all Mercy Ministers generously sign on as Santa’s helpers for the 100 children in the Mercy Neighborhood Ministries after school program. Each child receives a gift as well as a scarf, hat and gloves.

During Catholic Schools Week, the recycling team sponsors a poster contest to keep us mindful of the importance of conserving and reusing our resources. The money raised through the recycling program helps support program projects throughout the year.

Our mercy ministers are role models for our younger students, who, in turn, actively engage in age appropriate service of their own.