September 8, 2017

Dear Families,

“God who is mighty has done great things for me”.

Luke 1:49


The birth of Mary is celebrated today, September 8, nine months after the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. While we know not for sure the exact dates of any of these important events, the celebration of them offers hope to us and is worthy of commemoration.


We believe that Mary was conceived free from original sin. But that in no way guaranteed she would agree to God’s plan to be the mother of Jesus. It truly was Mary’s faith and prayer life that led to her fiat, her “yes” to the divine invitation. Her “yes”, however, was not a one-and-done event. She daily renewed her commitment in good times and in trying times to the will of God.


Unlike Mary, we were born into original sin. But, through God’s divine plan, we have been freed from this state through the waters of Baptism. Like Mary, we are invited each day-on good days and on days when we struggle with people or events – to renew our baptismal commitment to the will of God.


This week let us re-commit each day in morning or evening prayer to our fiat, our “yes,” to God’s invitation to live in His life.

This week our school community is praying for all of our school families and the parishioners of ABVM and St. Denis.


Thank you for all that you did this week to provide a smooth start to the school year. The children are ready to work and to learn


We appreciate the time our families are giving to assist in monitoring the recess yard or cafeteria at lunchtime. The extra hands and eyes are a big help to us in supervising the students.